U-PVC Tilt & Return

The tilt and turn window is a fantastic replacement option. This design offers style and practicality opening slightly inward to allow in fresh air securely or to make cleaning and external face maintenance a breeze.

All tilt and turn PVC-U windows are available in a range of colours to provide an updated and stylish look to your home with a 10 year guarantee as standard

WER Rated

Windows are now rated like any other white good or even your entire home using the simple BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) system, These tests provide a rating of A-G with an A rating being the best. Window Energy Rated windows of C (the minimum standard) ensure you save money on heating bills and protect the environment from unnecessary wastage.

All our windows are ‘A’ Rated – the highest rated windows available!

U-PVC Casement

Casement windows represent great long lasting value for the home. Virtually maintenance free, quiet and extremely secure (most casement windows come with secure by design certifcation).


The advances in technology now mean uPVC casement windows can be seamlessly sealed and developed to achieve “A” Rated window energy ratings ensuring your home retains heat, while adding value to the property. New techniques allow you to personalize your casement window in a variety of colour options that are guaranteed for 10 years as standard.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows are among the most energy efficient available on the market!


There are many options available to create a triple glazing effect from uPVC profile, Planitherm Total + glass, argon gas, composite spacer bars and thermal reinforcing, all of these options can team up from a variety of manufacturers to form U-value ratings that cannot be beaten by traditional double pane arrangements.

Why is three better? Triple glazed windows offer the maximum performance available in terms of efficiency, the three panes significantly reduce the heat loss that can escape through to the outer pane. By filling the pane recess with Argon gas the heat loss is reduced through each pane as heat does not transfer well through the gas.

In terms of energy efficiency and value for money triple glazing far exceeds other comparable methods such as insulation or cavity wall insulation. The added benefits include making a home more comfortable and affordable. Triple glazing windows are not dictated by one size , shape or style the triple glazing technology will fit into any design. Therefore whether you have a period home or new build a triple glazing unit can be discreetly fitted to your design to provide the most modern of technologies into the same space as your traditional window unit.

U-PVC Coloured

Advances in technology have enabled a multitude of colours and wood grain effects to be used on uPVC windows. These are virtually indistinguishable from real timber but have all of the low maintenance, security and “A” rated energy properties of a uPVC window.

Available in a range of 13 colours from the traditional oaks to the contemporary cream, refresh your housing look with a coloured uPVC window.

Vertical Sliding Sash

The vertical sliding sash window is a beautiful design but traditionally costly and difficult to maintain in materials other than uPVC.


The new uPVC sash window is easy to maintain with traditional and modern hardware options. The advanced technology ensures this design is secure, quiet and now “A” rated for window energy ratings. The visual appeal of the uPVC sash window has been completely updated with 7 colours available to provide everything from a traditional Irish oak wood grain appearance or even a contemporary smooth cream finish.